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Adagio Film: A Light In The Darkness

Global suicide rates are rising, even in the most idyllic communities. An estimated 800,000 people worldwide take their lives every year. In the United States of America alone, it is the tenth leading cause of death. Suicide is especially common among young people, who feel unwanted and hopeless.

Adagio, a new full-length feature film by Lava Lamp Films (partnering with GemStone Media) is currently in development to help combat this sobering trend. Set against the backdrop of hopelessness and despair which brings some to the brink of suicide, Adagio underlines the importance of family unity and the hope-giving power that comes from caring friends.

The story will highlight the emotional isolation that can hold people in bondage while exploring the powerful themes of self-awareness, honesty and compassionate listening, choices that invite transparency and foster trust. Addressing the issue of depressed mental health in accurate and relatable ways, the film endeavors to give inspiration that brings hope by unlocking helpful insights to set people free from crippling isolation. Multiple psychiatrists are being consulted to make the story as honest and impactful as possible.

Switzerland was chosen as the backdrop of Adagio because the country is successful, stable and known to have some of the healthiest and happiest people in the world. Switzerland also has above-average per capita suicide rates in Europe. This beautiful country of 8.5 million people sadly has an average of 20 citizens who attempt suicide there every day.

The strong contrast between the idyllic life in Switzerland and the darkness of despair that many Swiss people are experiencing clearly highlights how depression can occur anywhere in the world.

Why a movie about mental health? Films connect with us emotionally at our deepest level, causing us to ask meaningful questions about life while shedding light on the essence of our humanity. The goal of Adagio is to encourage conversations and awareness worldwide, in the effort to emphasize the precious value of life with the hope of a fulfilling future.

To learn more about the Adagio project, click here.

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