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Putting the Message First

Updated: Jan 17

A good story is arresting. A great story is powerful. It endures through time, crosses cultures and transcends social classes. Since the beginning of humanity, stories have been exchanged like a social currency. It’s what we enjoy sharing with each other when we gather - we enlighten our friends with what makes us laugh and cry by telling stories. Stories tell us what’s worth living for. They tell us what’s worth giving our life for. They tell us how to cope with life and make it more livable.

If the power of film can be leveraged to sway hearts and minds, certainly it can be used to make a difference, to bring change and hope. There are stories that need to be taken seriously. When filmmakers stay true to the vision of creating uplifting movies, donors can rally behind the meaning of the film putting the message first.

It’s a powerful thing when the strength of Hollywood is utilized to fill theater seats and stir the audience to take positive action. It’s easy to make a movie that people may want, but it’s more difficult to tell a story that they need. Many people tend to gravitate towards stories that are familiar and avoid themes that confront their comfort zones. Shallow and superficial movies may make the audience feel good temporarily, but they are unlikely to leave a lasting, positive influence. Impact happens when a movie is highly entertaining and has an intentional message to challenge the audience.

A great film makes the audience stop and think; re-evaluating their lives and the lives around them. It’s personal, raw, and deeply emotional. Storytellers have existed in society throughout history for a reason, to share truths about life and humanity. The power of films can be wielded to empower audiences. Films have the power to change lives. At Lava Lamp Films, we want to make stories that provide helpful insights which can set people free from the isolation that cripples them. We have the opportunity to give our talents and abilities to serve others. With a passion and a mission, our team is always looking further and reaching higher to make a difference.

Written by Sarah Bubke

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