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Brian Kelley

Distribution - Board

Brian moved from the US to Europe in 1985 as a musician/songwriter and was in a band called “Pacific” which performed concerts all across Europe. As Brian worked in music and TV production, he discovered that many noteworthy productions were not getting the audience they deserved. So in 1990 he founded a distribution company to help address that issue. Over the years, NLN has distributed 15,000+ titles into more than 30 countries, in many cases being the first international company to do so.

The distribution work continues, but Brian has also returned to film production in recent years and currently works as a film producer with partners in the US, Kenya, Mexico and France, as well as with TV production in India, Germany, Norway and the US.

Brian’s experience adds to what the Lava Lamp team has to offer to get quality programs both produced and distributed - because at the end of the day people need to see what we do!

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