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Liliana Olivera

Relations - Board

Liliana is Executive Director of the Sabaoth International Christian Film Festival in Milan, Italy and Chairwoman of CEVMA (Christian European Visual Media Association). Liliana firmly believes that film, image, sound and art are powerful tools for looking at social issues like vulnerable people groups, disability and gender violence in a different, more direct and stronger way. In 2011 she founded the non-profit organization “Give Voice to the Voiceless” and has since worked with schools, churches and prisons, using media to shed light on important social issues. She also started a group in prison with female victims of domestic abuse which is still having a great impact.

Born in London to Italian parents, Liliana trained as an actress and singer, specializing in opera. She teaches singing at a renowned drama school and also works as a Dialogue Director and voice-over artist. She has supervised the creation of Italian versions of several films for Billy Graham Films and the Jesus Film Project and is currently working with her husband on distribution of Christian media in Italy.

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